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Here’s how the PureAir will make your home a healthier place to be

The PureAir is designed to free your environment’s air and surfaces of 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and germs, as well as other contaminates like mould spores, pollen and unwanted odours. Besides improving the air quality throughout your home, it’ll leave you feeling safer, more comfortable and help you look after your general health and well-being.

The system uses patented blue light PHI technology to create naturally occurring oxidisers. These are constantly circulated around your home by its built-in fan. This means your home is cleansed 24/7 without you lifting a finger. And it does this all discreetly from your ceiling.

Keeping you and your home healthier

Reduce your chance of falling ill

99% of surface and 97% of airborne viruses, bacteria and germs are eradicated

Reduces mould by 98%

Condensation is significantly reduced throughout your home

Lower asthma risk

Vapours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are reduced by over 80%

Lower allergy risk, like hay fever

Gases, vapours and VOCs are reduced by over 80%

Your home will feel and smell fresh

Pet and other odours are reduced by over 99%

Lower energy costs

Air is constantly circulated, balancing temperatures, decreasing heating and cooling costs, as well as reducing damp

Technology that looks after you and your family

How does the technology work?

The PureAir uses a patented blue light PHI (Photohydroionisation) system which projects broad spectrum HE/UV light onto a quad metallic catalyst.

This causes a unique oxidation reaction that produces friendly oxidisers called Ionised Hydroperoxides. These safe and naturally occurring oxides are circulated around your home by a fan inside the unit, delivering continuous air purification.

The PureAir uses a patented blue light PHI  system

What do Ionised Hydroperoxides do?

These are a naturally occurring compound which has cleansed the Earth’s air for billions of years.

You might know it as that clean air smell which lingers after a thunderstorm. The friendly oxides attach themselves to contaminates, like viruses, bacteria and mould spores, and breaks down their molecular bonds, leaving only oxygen and hydrogen.

Good to know

5-year fan warranty

2-year PHI cell replacement warranty

It costs £22 per year to run the PureAir 24/7

Finance is available

Tested and verified

The units have been extensively tested. For the full results, please download our test data.

US Air Force
University of Cincinnati
Kansas State University
The Nelac Institute
MRI Global

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